Vallby's Mounted Archers

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The Riders and Horses of Vallby's Mounted Archers

Sabrina & Embla

"Me and Embla both trained horseback archery for the very first time in april, 2014, for Emil Eriksson. Unfortunately Embla walked toward the first arrow that had been shot from her back so that the arrow stroked against her front legs. This scared her and since then I have been tolerance training her with ground work, liberty training. Now Embla is confident enough with the archery to accept arrows being tossed, from her back, in front of her head and to her sides. She still finds it scary with the sound of release of an arrow and the hit of a target, so we are continuing to tolerance train, by using the clicker training method, until she is fully confident with the archery. Embla, or Maryland Dream, is a curly horse born in 2007."

Jennifer & Ika

Isabella & Oscar

Victoria & Conny

Peder (with guest horse Stanzer)

Johanna & Vesslan

Pamela & Pluto
"I found DHA and mounted archery on internet searching for information on freestyle riding. I contacted them and went to Rättvik to try mounted archery in october 2013. In may 2014 I and Isabella arranged for DHA to come to Vallby for a weekend training camp. That was the first time that Pluto got to try. He was quick to adapt the new sport that his human introduced him to, and he is very engaged and cooperative as soon as the bow and arrows are shown to him. Pluto knows when he has an important role to play, and he is proud to be a part of the task that we are to solve together, which means that he becomes my equal partner. Pluto is a lippizan gelding. His great grandfather was at the Spanish Riding Shool in Vienna! Pluto is 6 years old, and we have been friends for two years now. An intriguing detail is, that Pluto cured me from a severe fear of horses after a fall at the riding school. After several months of failing to get rid of my fear, I decided to buy my own horse, and I found Pluto. We have gone through a lot together. Now I know him, and thus feel that I trust him enough to push my limits. Mounted archery, and riding without reins are examples of this. My goal is to be able to establish mutual trust between us, enough to do anything that we might find intriguing."

Marie & Silver