Vallby's Mounted Archers

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Sabrina & Smirre with the two gold cups won in the "speed class" and "regular class" during Pilregnet (Arrow Rain), 2014.

Competition results

South Swedish Nationals (SSM) in Ringhult, Sweden:

- 6th place in the Korean Discipline. Sabrina (horse: Soleý). 


Swedish Championships (SM) at Vena Gård, Söderköping, Sweden:

- 8th place in the Korean Discipline. Sabrina (horse: Ubbe).

- 13th place in the Hungarian Discipline. Sabrina (horse: Ubbe).

- 9th place in the Totals. Sabrina  (horse: Ubbe).

Höstjakten at the DHA Hunt Track, Rättvik, Sweden.

- 3rd place (bronze medal). Sabrina (horse: Ubbe).

- 4th place. Peder (horse: Stanzer). 

Pilregnet (Arrow Rain) in Vrena, Sweden.

- 1st place in the "speed class". Sabrina (horse: Smirre).
- 1st place in the "regular class". Sabrina (horse: Smirre).

Sponsored by:
- Panta Rei Riding Garments.
Sponsored with two beige riding tunics for competition.
- Lenas Städ - Fjugesta 070-235 67 69.
Sponsored with two white riding breeches for competition.
- Manges Foto -
Sponsored with photos from Vallby's Mounted Archers show at Vallby Farm Open House, 2014.

Training, Shows & Competitions

Shows, 2014

- Clinic with Dalecarlian Horse Adventures ( at the event "Blå Tråden" ( at Vallby Gård ( in Närkes Kil, the 4th of October, 11.30 a.m. 
Open Training Sessions, 2014
- Sunday the 17th of August, 10 a.m.
- Sunday the 24th of August, 5 p.m.
- Thursday the 28th of August, 6.30 p.m.

Competition Styles
When competing horseback archery in Sweden there are three main disciplines or styles that one comes across, these are Korean, Hungarian and Qabaq

- Korean

The korean discipline usually consists of 6 runs in total on a 90-150 m course with 1-5 targets in total (one arrow/target), per run. There are three different course settings and two runs per setting. The first setting is one target on a 90 m course, the second setting is two targets (double) - one front shot and one back shot and the final setting is a course of five targets on 150 m. In the first two settings it is not allowed to have an arrow nocked (on the bow string), they must all be in for example a quiver or belt and can only be touched once one has passed the starting line. If they are drawn before that the run doesn't count. In the final setting (multiple) you are allowed to have the first arrow already nocked. If a horse breaks off to trot or walk in the course area there will be no counted points for that turn. The targets are counted from 5-1 points (with 5 points being the bullseye). One can also gain time points (or loose points) if the horse is faster or slower than the set time. The time points gained cannot exceed the hit points gained during a run. Points are scored 1-5 with 5 points being the bullseye.

- Hungarian
The hungarian style consists of 6 runs on a 90 m course with three targets (at 45 m, 9 m from the course) that are elevated, in a "tower", two metres above ground. The first target is a front shot, the second target a side shot and the final target a back shot. The rider is allowed to have the first arrows nocked before passing the starting line and can be held for example in the bow hand, quiver or belt. Points are scored as following: the first target is scored 4-3-2, the second 3-2-1 and with 4 being the bullseye. The targets are 90 m in diameter. The discipline must be performed in canter for points to be awarded for each run. 

- Qabaq
The qabaq is a target - a ring of 8 m in diameter - elevated 7 m above ground, on a pole. The track is 90 m in total and the qabaq is placed at 45 m. Extra points are awarded if the rider shoots and hits the qabaq using the traditional "qabaq-stance" - the rider leaning over the horse's neck with the shoulder aligned with the horse's mane while rotating the torso to aim up. Variations of this competition style may occur where the rider might for example have to pass an arrow pick-up station, where the rider has to bend down to pick up an arrow that has been placed on the ground, before passing the qabaq. Additional points are then added if the rider succeeds in picking up the arrow and uses that arrow for their first shot. The arrows used in the qabaq are always blunted, i.e. "flu-flu arrows". The discipline must be performed in canter for points to be awarded for each run. 

Information of the competition rules have partially been collected from the following source: